Happy Home Painting has been a member of the Home Builders Association for over 6 years. The mission of the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County (HBA) is to protect and promote the interests of the residential building industry on issues that affect their ability to provide affordable housing for all citizens of Wake County. The association serves as the voice of the residential construction industry at the local, state and national levels. The membership of the HBA is comprised of builders, remodelers, developers, and sales and marketing professionals. As the largest single county HBA in the country, the association provides members with a wide range of resources and information on issues involving the homebuilding industry such as land use, economic and legal matters. Additionally, the HBA provides opportunities for business development, education, professional growth and networking.  Membership in the HBA also includes membership in the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) - three memberships in one.

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Paint products and manufacturers

Some of the worst nightmares come from paint incompatibility. When new paint is applied over an unprepared surface, the results can be horrific. Pressure washing, scraping, and even knowing what has been used by previous painters or owners of the property can be very valuable. We research by looking in the garage, storage or other areas that previously used paint may be hiding.

Even latex based acrylics may resist bonding with other latex. Of course oil paints must have a bonding primer before latex paints can be applied to them. Some oils can be applied directly to latex. Knowing the products one is using is the best solution to many challenges. The manufacturers can have wishful thinking in what they would like their product to do. The strengths and weaknesses of any products can require time and experience to discover. We know the story of trim paint that bonded in most areas and is flaking off in others. The addition of unknown paint onto unknown surfaces is a recipe for disaster. Proper preparation prevents tragedy. Knowing what the builders are using is the first step in picking up behind the builders painters work. When other painters have been involved after the original painters, then ‘what is the industry currently doing’ becomes important. Although rare, product incompatibility is only really solved by getting back to a know surface and removing the product which is not adhering.

Length of Exterior Paint Protection

Replacing rotten wood is often seen as routine maintenance. This wood can be replaced with PVC for trim boards and fiber cement for the siding and soffits and other areas. The average period we find homeowners having their homes painted are closer to 10-11 years. The life span of typical paints is 7 years. Most wood damage, including hardboard siding (masonite) is the result of postponing the painting process. Some customers with hardboard siding paint every 5 years, thus eliminating the need for wood replacement. The alternative we offer is our Sunshield Coatings which come with 20 and 35 year warranties. Please see our site
Call us to openly discuss the long term solutions and the ultimate cost savings in planned exterior maintenance.

Green Painting

Happy Home Painting is working toward sustainable process's by reducing waste through efficient use of resources and longer lasting products. Many higher quality products give longer service life and thereby use less paints and stains. Our flagship of long term exterior products is Sunshield Coatings. These ceramic enhanced products come with a 20 and 35 year warranty. The amount of paint product saved over this period is enormous, not to mention the savings for our customers. In this and other ways, such as long term deck coatings, we reduce the frequency of coating our outdoor surfaces. The added savings is that wood is not exposed and damaged or rotten requiring replacement. As the exclusive dealer of Sunshield Coatings for the Triangle, we know it has been formulated for the strict VOC (volatile organic compounds) established by the State of California. We are ahead of the laws scheduled to take effect in North Carolina in a few years. And obviously the number of paint jobs avoided during the 20 or 35 year periods saves many gallons of paint from gassing into the air.