Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy the paint first?

We would like to participate in the product selection. All paints have their long suits and their shortcomings. Some are simply better in many ways, regardless of the advertising and Consumer Reports. Many of the best paints available can not be found in Consumer Reports. Manufacturers must pay to be listed there and commercial paint dealers do not. Allowing us to guide you in the selection of the product which best suits the needs can save time and money. Often when we have a substandard paint, it requires multiple coats more work and more product in an attempt to achieve the desired results.

What finish should I use?

The terms flat and eggshell and semigloss are referring to the sheen a paint has. They are not relative to color. Flat or matte is one we are all familiar with. It is the one the builder left the property with in which there is no shine to the finished paint. Eggshell has a sheen which is most noticeable when we look alongside a wall. We can see the shiny surface. Semigloss is what is usually used on the trim. The white or off white trim is very shiny, can be cleaned easily and resists marking to a degree. Walls are most commonly flat paint. There are paints which are cleanable whereas most flat paints are limited in their ability to be cleaned.  Eggshell paints are usually cleanable with mild detergents. Semi-gloss is highly cleanable.

Painting: On new construction or walls that have never been painted, we first apply a primer to keep the drywall from absorbing the paint. We will then apply 1 -2 coats of paint using a roller, brush or sprayer. If the walls have previously been painted, and there is loose or chipping paint, we first scrape the walls and then sand to remove the old paint. If there are holes in the drywall, we putty using a spackling compound and sand until smooth. We will then apply 1 - 2 coats of paint using a roller, brush or sprayer.

Picking Colors: How long will it be before you start the job on our home/business?

We make every effort to schedule the work as soon as you are ready. You do not need to be present. The weather may affect when an exterior job can start. We are able to start most jobs within a week of your initial call.

Do you have insurance? We carry workman's compensation and liability insurance.

Is your work warranted? Our work is warranted for one year. The products we use have warranties of several years.

How many coats of paint do you use on walls and trimwork? We use as many coats as necessary to obtain coverage.

What can I expect when my home is painted? Quick, courteous, and quality work. You will get the chance to inspect all work.

Where do you paint? We operate out of Raleigh, North Carolina and paint in Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Durham, Cary, Apex, Hillsborough, Pittsboro, Rocky Mount, Knightdale, Wendell, Morrisville and Research Triangle Park.


Powerwash - Water and cleansers are sprayed with a high pressure hose to remove mildew, dirt, debris and loose paint. Power washing creates a clean surface for new paint to bond to.

Carpentry - Replacing or repairing any surface that will be painted. Sometimes defects in the surface are discovered after washing and any needed repairs will be brought to your attention.

Caulking and Priming - Paint needs to bond to a surface or the paint will flake off. Drywall must be primed for paint to bond to the surfaces. Cracks, seams and holes must be caulked to protect the surface from damage by rain, snow or other water

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