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1st picture:  This deck in is coated with a solid latex stain. The railings and trim are painted in a latex exterior paint. Median grade products should last 7 years before the next coating. However, this particular home has been coated with Sunshield Select since this photo. In our three coat process with this high performance ceramic product, the manufacturer issues a 35 year warranty. This home and railings will not need to be painted for a very long time.

2nd photograph:  Siding and trim colors can make the statement for an inviting look to our home. Most of our exterior work is applying the same colors that were there previously. When changing colors, there can be a price difference. The most important agenda item when changing our exterior colors is gaining approval from our Home Owners Association. The reasons for this are a genuine protection of duplication, property values and because we don't want our neighbor using a color that is distasteful to the rest of the neighborhood.

3rd photo: With the right attention to detail, maintenance becomes less time and money each year rather than more. Even in our humid climate where wood appears to rot for no reason, there are reasons that can be avoided. The vast majority of siding and trim wood failure are due to poor paint work or to long of an interval between paint jobs. The second greatest wood loss is from roofing and gutters shortcomings. Again, preventable and fixable.

4th photograph: We spend a good amount of time in our bathrooms. That is why they beg for custom color and detail. Larger bathrooms do well with an accent wall and a unique color in the water closet. Smaller bathrooms look elegant with chairail in the middle of the wall and one color for the top wall and a second for the bottom.

5th picture: Color choices are personal and public to some degree. Choices for depth of color may be predicated on size of room and natural light. We see our job as to deliver the color you have selected from whatever swatch you have found. Should the need arise, we can refer several qualified interior designers and decorators to aid in this process.

6th photograph: This is not a typical dining room. Many dining rooms have strong colors to set the mood. What is your mood?

7th picture: Typically entries and stairwells and the upper landing walls are the same color. But what about an accent wall?

8th picture: This is a blank canvas

9th photograph: This is a custom color accent wall

10th picture these stairs have been coated with a semitransparent stain.

11th photo: These railings are outdoor treated lumber. they required a primer and two coats of exterior paint to bring them up to speed..

12th image: Customizing a brick home may include painting the brick.Homepage