You are about to get your house ready to be sold. Remember that wallpaper that you installed in the 1980's that you thought was amazing at the time? Well, surely enough 20 years has passed and that wallpaper is just not "in" anymore. You started to remove the wallpaper yourself, you thought it would just "peel" right off the wall. You probably even damaged the drywall behind it when you used the wrong tool to attempt to remove it. You need to get your house ready to put on the market FAST. In this economy time is essential to getting a house sold. The truth of the matter is that wallpaper removal is a specialty trade. Most homeowners do not have the time or resources to get the job done correctly.

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Many times we are called when a homeowner has tried to remove wallpaper and run into trouble. Sometimes it wasn't seized and the wall wasn't primed. Other times there are two layers of wallpaper. Whatever the condition, it is repairable and we can make it so. Removing the paper and the glue at most important. the next step is to prepare the wall. If the drywall paper has been damaged, we skim coat the wall with drywall compound. Then it is sanded and primed. By the time we are done it will not be part of the rooms history that is was ever wallpapered.

Deck Staining

For more complete information about deck staining and deck sealing, please visit our full website @ With an investment in decks and fences, the gray oxidation is not a sign we like to see. The weathering of the wood, usually pressure treated, is the beginning of the decay of that wood. True that mildews and fungi cannot attach to the wood and live. The metal based poison in the wood prevents that. It does not protect the wood from the sun or the rain. We typically recommend a solid stain to protect the wood from UV rays and because we tend to see much longer coverage than the semi-transparent stains. The wood texture is still visible although the grain is not indicated by lighter and darker lines. What we find now is an even finish with the wood protected and it is clearly wood and not an artificial product.